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Mother (In Law) Thanks


Without showing my age too much~have you ever seen the show Everybody Loves Raymond?  What a mother-in-law that was!! I have heard many things about the relationship between Mothers-in-Law and their Daughters-in-Law and I get it. I have 2 boys and can already imagine some of the dread of being a mother in law. Come on now~ Who could EVER love my boys like I do?? Ok yes, they are 12 and 4 ~ but I am preparing myself!! I have a great role model to follow in this area~ So this Mothers Day I have created a list of unique reasons to thank Mothers in Law, specifically.


The first is obvious~She has given me a great gift~ her son! The man you married has a mother who loves him dearly, and when she cried at your wedding, it was because she was giving that man to us. She gave birth to a great baby~ and raised him to be an amazing man! I am personally so grateful for the mother my husband has. Many of the characteristics in him that I admire have come from her!

This can be good and bad at the same time ~ But Mothers in Law have the best recipes~ My mother in law, is bar none,  the best cook I know! Which can make it difficult to please her son. I have, however, discovered a small trick to help me out~ GET THE RECIPES!  Now, not only can I cook a roast, rice and gravy meal like she does, but I love that she will gladly give me new recipes to try! I almost have a couple recipes down!

My Mother In Law is an amazing Mema! (Mema is Nana for all my Yankee Family). All of my children LOVE going to her house. My goal is to never move too far away that the relationship my kids have with her would be affected.

My mother in law recognizes my standards and rules for the kids and helps keep them when she has them. My Mother in Law has rules for my children and  I love this. This means that when we stay with her, I know she won’t let my kids destroy her home or act like hoodlums. Don’t get me wrong, she still spoils them. She just does it in a way that fills up their life, not just their bellies and pockets.

If your Mother In Law really is like a second mother to you, let her know this Mothers Day and as often as you can.