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Mothers Day~ an interesting view

Motherhood is no joke! I love Jim Gaffigan’s take on having more children~ … the more children I have, the funnier this gets!

I know we all put a little extra time and thought into our Mothers on Mothers Day. As my group of friends and I enter the realm of motherhood, we’ve had some interesting revelations and thought I would share.

mother and daughter baby girl brushing their teeth together
Thanks Mom for my teeth~

I know this seems random, but I am now in the process of taking my kids to the dentist and I realize what an undertaking this was! Have you been to the dentist lately? Of course you have to have the new X-rays… and then the cleaning… and add on the fluoride…and what’s a visit without protectant?? Needless to say, if you add braces to the mix, the list becomes all the more demanding…and apparently all 3 of my children need braces! For moms, the hassle does not stop at cost. There is a considerable amount of time involved…the time it takes to find a good dentist (one that doesn’t freak me out or isn’t creepy) as well as the time it takes to get the kiddos to their scheduled appointments. I remember the times my mom had to pick me up from school, take me to dentist, and return me to school so I didn’t miss whatever sports practice I had that day. Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom for being my Chauffeur~
As stated above, I played sports, and every sport my school would offer…I did not live close to my school either! Because of my wonderful mom, I was oblivious to the price of gas, the distances she had to travel, the time she had to give up, or just the plain annoyance of driving me everywhere in rush hour traffic!!! As I begin the life of chauffeur mom, I see the importance and understand the sacrifice. I love that my daughter has a love for dance and the driving to all the practices will be worth it. I love that my son likes to run…the fact that we live on the very edge of the county he competes in just means I get to follow my mom’s example and drive, drive…and drive 🙂 I will say, I am praying my littlest finds a sport close to home! 🙂

Thanks Mom for staying married~
Are you married? Enough said! Love and marriage are hard work, and I am grateful that both my parents worked hard at it.  She did not have the mindset of “If I am happy, then my kids will be happy!” She did what was best for us in those tough times~ and worked it out!

Thanks mom for being a truthful liar
I used to think my mom was a liar. Doesn’t that sound horrible…let me explain. I vividly remember being in high school and trying on 10 different outfits before school, and my mom would tell me I looked amazing in all of them. There were some outfits that I knew looked absolutely ridiculous!!! I used to say I could wrap one of her curtains around me (hideous btw) and she would tell me I looked great! Becoming a parent myself… I totally understand! It doesn’t matter what my kids have on or what they do to their hair…those things don’t make them beautiful. Their beauty comes from the fact that I love them wholeheartedly and see them through my very own filter of “mommyness”.

Young Girl Playing By HerselfThanks mom for my etiquette
I love how she taught me how to conduct myself at the table and how to feel at ease in different social situations…even when I prefer not being there. Her hospitality to anyone and everyone is exemplary and worth mimicking!

Sooo thanks Mom for all the things you have done and continue to do! To all my fellow mothers, I am sure as we continue on this road of motherhood, we will appreciate even more!