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My Mom is Lovely: Shout Outs

Mother’s Day “Shout Out’s

I’ve always known my mom, Monica, was the greatest mom in the world; but I never could have imagined she’d be an even better grandma! My kids are so very lucky to have her as their Mimi; and I’m grateful beyond measure to have her as my friend, my mentor, my protector and my cheerleader. Blink! Blink! Blink!

Papaw & Mimi 2

My shout out is to my two daughters who have made being a mother a true blessing. I love being a mom and seeing my daughter’s all grown up as lovely ladies! – Jennifer Gates

We called her, “The Mom-inator”…

My mom has always been one who rises to the challenge. She is a hard worker, always giving everything she has to whatever she is involved with. I am so proud of her! She taught me what it means, not only to work hard, but to take responsibility for myself. Mom, As a mother myself now, I am so pleased to find myself saying and doing many of the same things that I remember you doing for Zach and I when we were so small. You are, and will always be so lovely to me!   — Erika Matuszek, Daughter of Gwen Messersmith

We remember our mom telling us the secret to why she is the loveliest mom in the world.

She told us she tried to be the kind of mother her mother was and would ask herself “What would mom have done?”  We plan on doing the same one day when we have kids, and if we’re anything like our mom, we will be supportive, loving, lovely, amazing moms.  — Twin sisters, Rachael Wood and Katie Nelson

My mom is simply the best.

She is better than Google, always knowing what to do in every possible situation.  She taught me to always be kind, even when you don’t want to be. She also instilled the importance of hard work. Her motto, “Finish Strong” still resonates with me when I feel like giving up.  Now that I am a mother, she is not only the best mom but the best Nana ever.

My mom is compassionate, encouraging, honest, selfless and most certainly, lovely.

-Emilee Westervelt, Daughter of April McDonald.



I would like to make a shout out to my mom.

“My mom is Lovely!  She is absolutely amazing and is always there for me!  Love you mom!” 
Thank you so much!
Love,  Rachel Ilardi