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New Year, New Home. Here are some unique ideas for your household this New Year…

Hey moms! I love the New Year because is a great time for new things, and fresh ideas, and having new hope for whatever you may want to see happen in the upcoming season. If conquering your own home (and your kids) is in your list of things you want to attempt this year, may I suggest a couple of things?

First of all: Adopt this philosophy when it comes to your children-
“Don’t make a rule you can’t, won’t, or don’t have the energy to enforce.”- Dr. Crystal Evans.

If you follow this advice, you will be well on your way, right there! My how this alone, changed things for us! Think about it…

Second: I shared a few weeks ago about Five Things I Did to Help My Kids, Help Me. You may have all the help you need, right in your own home. These are actual strategies I DID – not just read about- that changed our whole household. And they were easy-ish!

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And Third: As I mentioned in this Top 5 list, I came up with a new behavior modification strategy I called the “Ticket System.” This was in order to get the kids excited about the new things I was attempting to instill. Everyone needs an incentive, right?

Well, here is my Ticket System explained, complete with tips on How To Do It Yourself as well, as I guest post today over at Orlando Moms Blog-  Just click here…

BONUS: A few months ago, Lovely Erika wrote about how she instilled a similar system with just a few modifications for a younger child: the Toddler Ticket System, and the positive effects it had for her house.


What are your goals for your home for 2014?

Leave me some love over there, too ifya don’t mind- those gals at Orlando Moms Blog are awesome, and could use the love too!

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