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Orlando to New Orleans on a $3 Budget



I went on a trip to New Orleans and didn’t want to spend a heap on gas. One of my friends found a MUCH cheaper way for us to travel. We took the Megabus. (*Trumpets blast*) The cost for my ride was only $3.00 there and back. (Crazy!!!!!!!!)

Here are some helpful hints if you decide to ride the bus instead of taking a plane, car or train.  

  1. Hydrate a lot the day before.

If you are like me and don’t really like public restrooms than a trip to the bathroom might be a little scary. I hydrated heavily the day before, so that on that day I wouldn’t need to use the bathroom on the bus. Insider information: If you are leaving from Orlando, you are leaving on a freshly clean bus!

  1. Travel with a friend.

I remember when I was younger my parents let me go on a Greyhound bus by myself. This was one of the scariest times for me because I almost got off at the wrong stop. Traveling with another Lovely will not only build a better relationship between you and her, but will also be safer.

  1. Plan your trip in advance.

We started to plan our trip 3 months in advance. The further out you go with planning your trip the cheaper the tickets will be for the bus. I bought my ticket really early at $1.50 per way, but other Lovelies waited and ended up paying nearly $50.00 to take the same bus! So, plan in advance and get the cheaper rate!


  1. Best time to travel.

If you are able to sleep in a car,  then you can sleep on a bus. Our trip was 12 hours. It made sense to leave during the evening to allow us to sleep on the bus. That being said, dress comfortably and bring a  pillow and blanket.

  1. Best time to arrive for the bus.

The best time to get to the stop is at least 1 hour prior to its departure. The earlier you can get to the pickup location, the better your seats will be. I really wanted seat on the top level in the back because there is a power outlet there. (I brought my own wall surge protector and a 6 outlet connector. That way, our phones and computers could be charging as we used them.) Also, we were going to be traveling for 12 hours. I didn’t want to be bothered by people possibly bumping into me.

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Lastly, remember to be safe and have FUN when you travel! Life is adventure! Enjoy the ride, especially when it only costs $3 😉 

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