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Pinterest: Nailed it or Failed it? – Chalkboard Painted Mason Jars

Mason Jars that my friends and I painted with chalkboard paint!

This Pinterest project was pretty simple, really.

So simple that I just looked at a picture, gathered a group of friends, and then went on our merry way making the jars, without reading any instructions. I thought, ‘How could I mess this up?’


  1. Mason Jar(s)
  2. Chalkboard Paint
  3. Brushes and/or sponges
  4. Newspaper/Paper Plate
  5. Painter’s Tape (optional)
  6. Chalk OR Liquid Chalk Pen(s)



  1. Set up your paint station, just in case things get messy. (I painted my jar over a paper plate – maybe you’d do the same, or you can use newspaper… whatever floats your boat!)
  2. (optional) Tape off whatever design you’d like on your mason jar! Make sure you use good quality painters tape (the best I hear is Frog Tape) or else your paint will drip, drip, drip everywhere like ours did!
  3. Start painting!
  4. Read the directions on your chalkboard paint! It’ll tell you how long it’ll need to dry between coats. I’d suggest doing at least 2 coats!
  5. Once it is painted & dried, take out your chalk and write away!


What I’d do differently next time…

Well, I had no clue that there was such a thing as Liquid Chalk! I just bought a pack of normal, run-of-the-mill, classroom chalk for this project. No wonder everyone else’s handwriting that I’d see on Pinterest looks amazing on their mason jars/chalk paint projects! I thought that I just didn’t have the technique down. Definitely going to pick up a pack of liquid chalk.


Using one of my jars as a cute pencil/pen holder at work! 

Just so you know…

You can do so much with chalkboard paint!


Grab an old terracotta pot and give it a makeover! What a fun way to label  your plants, herbs and spices!

 Have an old, ugly fridge? Chalkboard paint it!

I LOVE this table runner idea! What a fun way to spruce up the table. It’s not too early to start brainstorming Thanksgiving table decorations!

Got an old globe? Chalkboard paint it!

What other ideas do you have for chalkboard paint project? Be creative! Ryan Gosling approves.

Until next time!