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4 Tips to Slay the Workplace


  1. Bring your entire heart, mind and soul to work

Be present at work. Bring your A-game every single day.  Besides being an efficient employee, when you are engaged in your work, the time will fly. It’s just more fun when you’re all in! The worst way possible to work is to just be thinking about all of the fun things you could be doing instead of working and counting down the hours until you can leave.

So get rid of distractions! Stop texting your friends while you’re at work! If you have a desk job, stop watching Youtube and wasting the hours on social media. Most people go to work and do as little as possible to not get fired or not look bad, and expect to get raises just because of the amount of time they’ve been there. That won’t get you anywhere. What will get you somewhere is being fully engaged in what you’re doing and connecting your work with your dreams.

It does not matter what your dream is and what your current job is, you can always find a way to view where you’re at as a stepping stone to where you want to be (be it money, character building, network building, etc.) Once you’ve made that mental connection, put something in your car or on your bathroom mirror that reminds you that you are in “in training” for that dream or even some way of measuring your growth towards it. Then, go to work and give it everything you’ve got.


  1. Every area of your life affects the others. Stick with your commitments.

There is a common line of thinking that says that you can compartmentalize the different areas of your life, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Do you think that giving up on a particular goal doesn’t affect your job and how much money you’re going to make? Think again. Every unfulfilled commitment erodes your character and willpower.

We are defined by our commitments, and by our ability to stick to decisions we made. This goes for all areas in our lives. Every time you agree to do something and then go back on that, you corrode your ability to stick to your commitments, which in turn limits your potential for greatness.


  1. Be a force of positive energy to everyone around you, especially your boss

With your boss this means, stop making your boss do your job! Don’t ever bring your boss a problem without a proposed solution. Make yourself indispensable to them by being the only employee they’ve ever had that is willing to always be positive and proactively look for ways to serve the way he or she would want it done. Be willing to work hard and maintain a positive attitude.

One of the services my company provides to our clients is hiring jobs – we post ads, sift through the resumes and put them through an in-depth interview process. I have a list of questions that I answer for every candidate, but the whole thing boils down to one yes or no question that I answer: Would I want to manage this person?

I’ve done this hundreds of times, and I’ve gotten pretty good at determining in a few minutes if the person would be a drain on my energy or if they would actually be energizing to me as a manager. Not all managers are conscious of whether or not an employee is energy-positive or energy-negative, but they nevertheless use this at least subconsciously when determining promotions and raises.


    4.  Confidence can make or break you

Confidence is a big factor in your career development. Take risks, work hard and be resilient. When you believe in yourself, you’re more likely to accomplish your goals and advance your career.  You’ve got this!





Guest Post: Benjamin Strombeck
CPA and Business Advisor
Strombeck Consulting CPA’s
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