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Most Popular of all time: “Life” category: Sleepover Ideas for Besties!

In honor of our upcoming Gala, (There’s still time to come- barely- Click to get your ticket!) We will be counting down our most popular stories of all time that best show you our heart here at TLP. Here’s our most popular in the “Life” category.

If you’re like me, you like to have some fun (and maybe even a little crazy) things planned to get the good times rolling. Here are 10 of my favorite ideas for sleepover fun…

1. Make Videos

Funny music videos, your own home-movie, improv comedy skits – the possibilities are ENDLESS!  These are always fun to look back on for a good laugh.  (Just don’t video-tape anything too embarrassing or inappropriate – you or your friends may regret it later.)

2. Bake Something Together

I don’t know what it is, but baking with a friend just makes it better!  It can be combining crazy foods to try and create something yummy, or just baking some cookies.  Either way, it will be a blast. Here is a recipe for a rainbow cake, similar to the one pictured above, that looks soooo fun to make!

3. Play ‘Mystery Snack’

Speaking of food, this game is sooo much fun.  Here’s how you play:  One person is blindfolded while the other finds two or three food items.  Then that person combines and feeds those items to the one who is blindfolded.  The blindfolded one has to guess what foods you just fed them. (Just make sure no one has any food allergies.)

4. Have a Photo Shoot

I love looking back at pictures from sleepovers!  You can work together to find some pretty scenery or create a cool background as your set. You can make a quick backdrop with things like: newspaper, wrapping paper, streamers, or a blank wall in your house. Gather props and make or find fun costumes to wear – and/or just be silly together!

5. Play Hide N’ Seek

No matter how old we were, my friends and I couldn’t resist a good game of Hide N’ Seek.  The funnier the hiding spots, the better.  There was one time when I hid in a trash can – no one could find me!  Of course, I needed help getting out at the end.

6. Watch Old Movies

Watching favorite childhood memories always connects people – and it’s always fun when everyone can remember the words to some of the songs and can sing a long! Disney movies are some of the best, because they are timeless classics, no matter how old you are.  Some of my favs are: Mulan, The Lion King, Hercules, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and High School Musical.

One time when a friend and I were playing a board game that was based on High School Musical, we realized that we couldn’t remember half of the stuff they had said in the movie.  So, that night we watched it together – and it was awesome!

7. Do a Scavenger Hunt

There are many different ways to do it.  You can split up in teams and find things on a list or find things that have a certain design or color. One great way to collect clues is by having someone on each team take a picture with their phone as you find each one!

8. Make Friendship Bracelets

These are time consuming, but worth it!  They are fun to make and are a great reminder of special times spent with your friends. The best part is, you can make them any way you want to and out of anything! Here is a tutorial for the Macraméd friendship bracelets that are pictured above.

9. Give Each Other Makeovers

Giving each other makeovers is a lot of fun.  Once, my friend and I gave each other blind makeovers.  We had ours eyes closed and we had to put makeup on each other that way.  It was really fun and we actually did a pretty good job.

10. Do Your Nails

I love doing my nails, especially with my friends.  You can also do each other’s nails.  I personally like the nail pens that you can use to draw on your nails after painting them.

– Rachel Ilardi, Slumber Party/ Sleepover Expert

Can you think of any fun ideas that I missed?  Have you ever tried any of these ideas?  Tell us about it below!