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Spring Clean Your Social Calendar

200412179-001I don’t know about you but when the seasons change I feel like I need a change too!

You can do like I did and chop off all of your hair…I know some of you may be shrieking in horror at the thought of cutting off your gorgeous locks.  I, however, was beyond due for a change. So I did it and said bye bye my mane and hello to the 20 min of time I get back…take that daylight savings! But for those of you that would like some different suggestions for sprucing up your day to day, I have some other, less permanent ideas.

1. Add some culture to your life

Check out the art scene in your area.  If you don’t already have some connection in this area it may take some digging.  But I promise you probably won’t have to dig very far.  I am fortunate enough to live in a city that is really trying to grow its art scene.

Where to look:

~Look at your local performing arts center’s website.  We are privileged enough to have a pretty amazing ballet company here that NEVER disappoints.  A lot of time they even put on shorter, cheaper or even free events at smaller venues.  You just need to get in there and check it out.  Try it but I’m warning you, you may fall in love.  I have now been to about 6 broadway shows in the last two years. I only have about 9 in my lifetime.

~Check out the art museums and galleries in your area.  Most museums have a day or afternoon when it is free or a reduced fee.

2. Add some tunes to your life

I must confess I have slacked in this area in the last couple of years.  I’m not as hip as I used to be I guess. But alas I still love to get out on the town and find some melodies to remedy a stale night.

Where to look:

~When searching the performing arts centers you will also see who is coming to town in concert.  Pick someone you don’t know! You just may find a new favorite.

~A lot of restaurants are now offering live music in the evenings or on the weekends.  One my new favorite spots has live music (and it is someone new every time) every Thursday-Saturday night.  Win! They have a great little area to just chill, relax, and hear some great music.  This is a great option if you are still not quite old enough to get into a live show somewhere else.

~Do a search on “Eventful”. They have tons of local unknown and underground famous, as well as some familiar names, performing all over town.

3. Add some spice to your life

This department has my heart.  I love love love to try new restaurants or even stay in and cook for friends.

Where to look:

~Search for cooking schools or classes in your area.  Most places do workshops for “date nights”. Get a group and go try something new…and eat an amazing meal at the same time!

~Find a new restaurant.  This is how we found our new hangout for the live music.  I use a great app called “Ness”. It is usually pretty good about not showing the chain style places.  As you rate places it begins to figure out what you like and make suggestions.  I love this for when I travel.  Because I log my local favorites, it knows what I may like when I’m out of my area based on my reviews and comparing them to others reviews. Don’t be scared to order something you wouldn’t normally.  If you don’t like it, you can always run to Chipotle after! But try it…your taste buds will thank me!

~This one is a two part suggestion.  First head to the farmer’s market or even the local grocery store. Find something you have never had before.  Google a recipe, invite some friends over (chances are they probably haven’t had it either), and cook it up!

4. Add some adventure to your life

I left these for last because they may require a little more planning or a little more moola. Although, you can get quite frugal with these options.  I tell you how I did it soon.

~Create or find a scavenger hunt online.  We have done this with big groups of people.  Using the list and a camera.  Stop by your favorite one hour photo (or home printer) and print your findings.  The group that returns with the most completed list wins…what you win is up to you! Sometimes bragging rights is enough motivation.

~Try “Geocaching”.  We did this a while back and it was sooooo much fun.  There is an app that gives you clues where something (could be anything) is hidden.  You find it and log it.  We were dying laughing crawling through some bushes on a golf course. (Lovely Project does not condone or suggest you do anything illegal…including trespassing…continue at your own risk).

That time we went searching in the bushes on a golf course.

That time we went searching in the bushes on a golf course.

~Take a day trip. Load up the cooler, grab your roadmap (or GPS), fill up the tank, and gather your friends and go on an adventure.  Just get away for the day…or the weekend!

~Find a historical tour and learn something you didn’t already know about your town.

~Go on a road trip.  This is where you can get “creative” with your planning and not break the bank.  Find some friends you can be in a car and close quarters with for an extended period of time…this is a VERY important first step. Now start thinking about connections and family members that live a car’s drive away.  My friends and I have done this several of times.  Split a tank or two of gas, a thank you gift for your hosts, load an awesome road trip mix tape (spotify playlist) and you are on your way to making some great memories and having a great adventure.





Road trip to North Carolina (stayed with relatives) to see ACC Championship Football game.

Road trip to North Carolina (stayed with relatives) to see ACC Championship Football game.


Lastly check out your local city’s website for events happening special in your town.  Art walks, festivals, free concerts, cook-offs, workout groups, free movies in the park are on pretty much every cities calendar!  Google knows everything so use it. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or co-worker for ideas. Word of mouth is sometimes the best advice. So go out and enjoy yourself this spring!  Do something you’ve never done and make some fun memories!