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Spring Time Fun!

It’s spring time!! As Eryn’s article said, getting outdoors isn’t only fun, but good for your health and a sure fire way to get happy! (“Because I’m happy…”) But if you’re like me, you may have no idea what to do once you get outside! That’s why I created my top ten list of outdoor activities!


1. Have a picnic!

I love sitting outside, with the nice, cool breeze and eating lunch! And spring time is the perfect time to do it! Ideally, it is still a little cool, with the warm sun shining down. But then again, I live in Florida, so it’s always hot out. Still, there are always trees around to block the sun!

2. Play Frisbee!

I had forgotten how much fun Frisbee was until I started playing it again! And it doesn’t just have to be tossing it around. Get creative with it! Throw two at a time, try catching and throwing at the same time, or play ultimate Frisbee! My favorite is trying to throw and catch a Frisbee at the same time.

3. Go for a bike ride or a walk!

Walking around or biking in nature is so nice! I like to look around at all the pretty flowers and stop every five seconds to take pictures of them! Or bike rides are a nice workout and if you’re adventurous, do bike tricks!

Funny story about bike rides. One day, my family and I decided that we were going to take a bike ride on a trail by our house. But instead of going on the nice, smooth, and flat path, we went to the area with a lot of hills. The hills were so steep that I could not bike up them! I would try and pedal, but couldn’t get my bike anywhere! Meanwhile, all these people who are used to riding this trail are flying by me, asking, “Hey are you ok?” By the end of it, I got home and laid on the floor for a while I was so tired. So if you’re like me, stay away from biking on hills.

4. Have a photo shoot!

You can definitely tell that I love to have photo shoots! Nature is so beautiful and can be the best background to any picture! Just the other day I had a photo shoot with friends outside and we got some of the best pictures with a dandelion that we found. And just keep snapping pictures! Sometimes the most candid photos turn out to be the best ones.


5. Go swimming!

Swimming is probably the go to thing when hot weather comes! I love to have pool parties at my house, especially with the girls in my Lovely group. Actually, I just had one a few days ago and it was a blast! We played games, ate lots of Nutella (YUM!), and took LOTS of pictures! (See you can even have photo shoots at a pool party!)

6. Go to the beach!

Gong to the beach is a blast for me, even just because it is a change of scenery. It’s hot, the water is cool, it’s a great place to sun tan, and again, is great for taking pictures! When I was younger, my brother and I would dig really deep holes to play in! (At least, the holes seemed big, but we were pretty short). But it was a blast digging them and we felt so accomplished afterwards. Just make sure you fill them in before you leave the beach.

7. Climb a tree!

For me, climbing a tree feels like an adventure! You can keep going higher and higher, until you find a great branch to sit and look out at everything, or take a picture! (I told you, I love taking pictures!).

8. Color your driveway with sidewalk chalk!

Whether you’re very artistic or just doodle, sidewalk chalk is so fun! I love to look at pictures from sidewalk chalk competitions, because they look so real and life-like! The pictures that some people create are insane!! So, if you have a lot of time on your hands, try your hand at creating an amazing and beautiful chalk masterpiece!!

9. Play a team game!

This could be anything, like soccer, baseball, tag, and my favorite, water balloon volleyball!! To play water balloon volleyball, set up and net and fill lots of water balloons. Everyone on each team pairs up and each pair gets a towel. Use the towels to catch and throw the water balloons. The team that makes the balloon pop on the other side of the net gets a point!

10. Read a book or journal outside!

Just sitting outside is very relaxing and it’s a change of scenery from sitting on the couch! It’s so much different to go outside to read or write! Sometimes I just sit outside and listen to the birds chirping and watch them chase each other.

– Lovely Rachel