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The Essence Of Our Words


I have these socks. They are comfy, warm, durable, black with a splash of color. My socks are so comfortable that I use them most times when I put on my boots for work. My socks are also very unique because they have messages that remind me of who I am. They say, ” I am inspired,” ” I am strong,” and “I am beautiful.”

I don’t necessarily need my socks to remind me of my…let’s say…greatness. However, they remind me of the words I use for myself and for others. In the book, “The Four Agreements,” the author refers to us having impeccability with our words. Before I explain further I will tell you a short story.

There was a situation that occurred a few weeks ago where a work acquaintance called me a bozo. Initially, I thought he was joking, and I thought nothing more of his remark. However, it did catch me off guard because I was in the middle of a conversation with another person when he rudely interrupted. His remark also caught my other co-worker off guard. And he repeatedly did this several times during the rest of our shift. You see what I later found out is that my lieutenant, whom I relied on to have integrity with his word and behavior, maliciously made fun of me because he had a hang up on his hair. A shift before I expressed to him his hair seemed out of place, and I told him out of care for his appearance before we went on a call to which we were responding. There was no ill-intention by my words or action.

I tell this story to remind you, and myself, of the names and thoughts that we call ourselves. My lieutenant called me a bozo, deep down he must have felt that he was a bozo himself and projected his thoughts of himself on me. If you have called someone a name, even in everyday conversation, including gossip, you have a direct impact on others treating, and speaking, of you in the same way you have treated them. Your words have power.

Our positive words build character, build people, build futures, build nations. Conversely, our negative words destroys a person’s character, destroys dreams, and destroys reputations. Imagine that you are a tree and each of the leaves you’ve grown represents a negative word. And imagine that every time the wind blows leaves fall from the tree and blows in a random direction. Each leaf is dispersed into the world and cannot be reclaimed by you, the tree.

So, what are some things that you have allowed your conscience to say who you are? Last week did you speak poorly about someone, or yourself? Do you understand your worth? Is there someone you can encourage?

The greatness of a word, is that you are the essence of that word, and the word is you. Sow it on your socks to remind yourself: You are brilliant. You are smart. You are unique. You are special. You have impact. You have a voice. You have power. You have wisdom. You are strong. You have grace. You are unstoppable. You are Lovely.