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Top 5 DIY Father’s Day Gifts to do with the Kids for Cheap or Free

This year, as every year, I try and make Father’s Day an awesome experience for the man of the house.

Since school is NOT in session during June, Dads can sometimes get the shaft when it comes to homemade plates, and handprint artwork! He works so hard, and loves us so much that I want to make sure that on this special day, he feels like an uber-appreciated and adored King-o-the-House!

You don’t have to break the bank to accomplish these kingly gifts: As a matter of fact – not that anyone would do this – but much could even be accomplished at the last minute, with ZERO or few dollars.

Father’s Day Past:One of the ways I have purposed to achieve this is by having the kids be involved in the gifts for him.  My daughter Vivia has come up with her own tradition of making a Father’s Day Box that she fills up with drawings, poems, and other creative expressions of her affection.Last year, since we were in a mad dash to get out of debt (due to our love/hate relationship with Dave Ramsey), I paid off several debts, printed out the receipts, wrote a giant “PAID IN FULL” across them, and put each in a decorative envelope. His favorite Father’s Day Gift EVER!

Well, this year here I am again- DAYS before Father’s Day (shhhh… don’t tell HIM), wondering how can I pull this off??? I have spent hours combing the internet for some of the best and most creative ideas I could find to both do myself, and pass along to you all! Most are FREE, ALL are personal, and sure to make a big impression- both with the kids and with DAD. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to see where you can find these detailed tutorials and links… So, here you have it:

My Top 5 Pinterest Finds for Father’s Day to do with the kids.


Ok, Ok- I know I just made fun of it in my intro and it might seem a little cliche, but I came across these really cool ideas that I think make it really unique, and would make them keepers instead of “tossers” : And YES you would need daddy’s participation ahead of time on a couple of these but, let’s be honest- he’s a guy… he won’t have a clue what it’s for until the big reveal! Click Here to see a Father’s Day Photo Book I made for him one year…


Several Etsy Stores, with only the help of your little one’s thumbprint or printed name, will make really cute cufflinks, keychains, and collar-stays. Obviously these are not free, but are reasonably priced. This says “nostalgia” like nothing else for that Daddy who goes to the office every day. This one will require a bit more time, but you can always print out the receipt and put it in the Father’s Day Card, which says… “You Can’t Rush Genius- This is on it’s way…”


This falls into the “cutesy” category, but your kids will love seeing DAD wear the crown and/or carrying the trophy they so meticulously made for him! This will make for a fun and messy afternoon at home, no doubt but- TRUST ME, they are a BIG HIT! My son made me a Mother’s Day Crown for the Mother’s Day Tea he had for me in his Pre-K class, (that I wore proudly ALL DAY LONG), and he STILL mentions it to this day!


I have seen quite a few sites with free printables for ALL KINDS of Decor. From Hot Sauce , Wine or New Sock Labels to banners and Daddy Coupons, these are all realllly cute. I even found a page with printables for Military dads! All you need is a printer, some scissors, and some creativity. Done and Done.

And my Number One Daddy Day Gift I have found online is:

1. Personal Daddy Interviews.

I am a sucker for the more personalized gifts that really TELL not just SHOW what someone means to you. So, think “Mad Libs” but more personal and meaningful. I have found several really cute FREE printable pages where you interview your children as they answer questions about Dad. They range from one-pagers, to ideas for entire books. One Idea I came up with was this: Find one you like, and print out SEVERAL of them. Keep them in a Father’s Day binder and ask the SAME interview questions from year to year to see how your kid’s responses change as they (and their relationship with Dad) grows. 

And don’t forget Grandpa! All of these can be modified for Gramps as well! 


DIY Plate or Mug for Dad

Custom Name Neck Tie

Custom Photo Iphone/Tablet cases

Date Art

*To see  these ideas AND MORE: who created them,  links to the pages where they originated (along with printables and tutorials)- visit my Father’s Day Pinterest Board on the Lovely Project Pinterest Page. Do you FOLLOW us yet?

On my personal blog, I posted what I decided to do, myself.

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