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Valentine’s Day – we’ve got your back!


valentines day

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Ideas if you’re planning for HIM:

Valentine’s Day, from a Guy’s Point of View … Guest Blogger Gabriel Martinez

Girls, I want to let you in on a little secret: Guys do not sit around all year long cheerfully anticipating thisRead More »

“He Said” – Gifts Guys Would Really Want for Valentine’s Day

HE said: Buying gifts for the “typical guy” is difficult for 2 reasons: 1.  If asked, they say (with aRead More »

Most Popular Entertainment Story of All Time: He Said: Top Romantic Comedies That Guys Actually Like (and some they don’t)

In honor of our upcoming Gala, (There’s still time to come- Click to get your ticket!) We will be counting downRead More »

7 Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

7 things you shouldn’t say to your boyfriend/husband:   1. “Hey Bobby (Ex’s name), I mean..” This isRead More »


Ideas if you’re planning for HER:

“She Said” – Top 10 Gifts a Girl Would Like To Get For Valentine’s Day

Now, you may see the title of this article and think, “This is weird; this isn’t really a site that guys read… why areRead More »

She Said: Top Romantic Comedies

I am not going to attempt to make this a “Top 10” list because there are just so many great chick flicksRead More »

7 Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

“He said what?!”   There are just some things that you shouldn’t say to a girl. Ever. But howRead More »


For YOU- get yourself ready:

4 Ways You Unwittingly Sabotage Your Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again when expectations are high and men are either wracking their brains for ideas orRead More »

Ask Aslinn: Should I Ask Him Out?

Dear Aslinn – There is a guy I like (as more than a friend) and I want to go out with him. How do I take it toRead More »

Ask Dr. C: What Kind of Lover Are You?

Real love – soul-bearing and deeply rooted – is worth looking for and standing strong until you find it.Read More »

Ask Dr. C- Is It True Love? 10 questions to ask yourself

Girls (and guys) are willing to give almost anything to experience love. But heartache awaits because we don’tRead More »



Single on Valentine’s Day? 5 Ideas For The Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

All the single ladies, all the single ladies… You may be thinking… “Here we go again…anotherRead More »

5 Ways to Get Over Heart Break

“People say living well is the best revenge, but I don’t think they are properly considering the efficacy of beingRead More »

Valentine’s Day in?

Staying In for Valentine’s Day? How About a Cooking Party? Easy Menu!

Whether you plan to spend Valentine’s Day with your sweetie or your friends I can think of several reasons whyRead More »

Vanilla Pear and Cardamom Sparkler, and Sassy Sangria

Susan’s Sassy Sangria Makes 6 cups 1 decent 750ml bottle of red or white wine 1/2 cup Cointreau (there is noRead More »


Just for Fun:

When Good Dates Go Bad… real- life dating horror stories- submitted by YOU

It’s hard enough to watch them happen to other people- has it ever happened to YOU? Some very brave Lovelies haveRead More »

What’s Your Love Language? Test Yo’Self!

Relationships on any level (friendship, familial, dating, marriage) can be difficult. For you, that may be theRead More »

“Love” Quote Quiz – who said that?

Due to popular response, we have decided to wait and post the answers tomorrow (Feb. 19th) – so you still haveRead More »


Family Valentine’s Day:

Valentines Dinner Yes ~ for 5 please: How We Celebrate as a FAMILY

We live in a busy world where sometimes our families get the leftovers, using this day as a specific reminder to ourRead More »

DIY “Valentine Mailbox” for Kids

For as long as I can remember, my parents have always made a point to do something special for my brother and I onRead More »

5 Things A Daughter Needs to Hear From Her Dad

1. “I love you … and will protect you… no matter what.” It’s important for little (orRead More »