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What is The Lovely Project


The Lovely Project is a Non-Profit Organization, headquartered in Orlando, FL that exists to empower girls and women by infusing them with the knowledge of their Value, Voice, and Valor.

How do we do this?

We call it Becoming Lovely. It is a path that we set each of the girls on, by way of:

  • Lovely Project Experiences:  learn more here
  • Lovely Mentoring Groups: groups that meet in public schools, community centers, coffee shops, college dorms, and women’s homes all over Central Florida
  • Lovely Project Blog – an on-line community of women with supporting stories- here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Peer Mentoring – by girls who have all gone through the Becoming Lovely process themselves.

Want to get involved? We need people like you who share in our vision to support us in many ways! Click Here to learn more and to visit our foundation site. 

Read on for the history and heart behind The Lovely Project as told by founder, Dr. Crystal Evans.

The History of The Lovely Project:

The Lovely Project began as a question.  An outrageous question, really.

How would my city be changed if the women living here were whole:  emotionally, spiritually, and relationally?

The Lovely Project began as an idea.  An outrageous idea, really.

I could ignite change in the women around me.

The Lovely Project began as a dream.  An outrageous dream, really.

That teams of women, young and old, would go beyond, connect with, relate to and empower the women around them.

HISTORY of The Lovely Project

My experience working with women has its roots in being a counselor and a mentor.  I am the middle child of parents who were missionaries and I married a man with a mission to help kids and families!

Even with that background, I didn’t fully realize how much my own commitment to work with women could change lives.  But I remember the night I made a decision that was to change the course of my own life.  I was in a room in Kiev, Ukraine.  My husband and I were there as guest speakers for a marriage conference.  (Yes, you will get lots of good marriage info here… It is a gift and something we love to share!)   I felt clearly that week in Ukraine that I was to go home to Orlando, Florida and begin training women.  Not just any women, but women who would make a commitment to meeting with me weekly.  These meetings would not be for the faint of heart.  Our lives were laid open.  The way was paved for correction and change – but most of all – the way was paved for growth.  How much someone can grow when they are weekly applying principles and accountable to other women who were working on the same things?

For over ten years now, I have worked together with this group of women.  We have wrestled through issues such as jealousy, feeling insecure, pride, raising children, marital problems, gaining confidence, trusting, taking steps forward with careers, taking steps backward with careers, illness, burying parents, those “teen” years, and the list goes on.

As I listen and talk with women I realize the incredible potential which resides, by design, in women.  Women create the environment in the home.  This is the atmosphere where children either develop and grow, or stifle and wither.  This is the atmosphere where relationships thrive or relationships starve.  It takes a woman who is whole to create the atmosphere that allows for healthy growth in families.  I recognize that many women did not receive emotionally what they needed to reach adulthood in wholeness.  Yes, they have adult bodies.  No, they are not adults in their responses or habits.


The Lovely Project, is me, along with my team of “20 and upward” women, who have asked the same question – formed the same idea –  awoken to the same dream.  The more I talk with women, the more I laugh and cry with them, the more I see a great need for this forum.

The Lovely Project is women who are going to be with you each week sharing what is going on in our lives and inviting you to be a part of that.  I believe our lives mirror your life.  I believe as you peek through our front window, you will see that you have chosen some of the same furniture for your own home.  I know you will be inspired by the women who write for The Lovely Project.  These are women who have gone through the fire and come out the other side – singed, yet smiling.

We will be writing about marriages, single-ness, sick children, grumpy mornings, as well as imparting insanely creative ideas, amazing ways to connect with women around you, over-the-top cooking pics and insights, and a “Ask Dr. Crystal” weekly column in which I invite you to ask me questions. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I believe we will enjoy some of the same things.  We will laugh over some of the same mistakes.   You will smile as you read the embarrassing ways I have learned some lessons.  I only hope you won’t relish my indignities too much.  But hey, I am a “Lovely Project” and I will forgive you!


Let’s get “lovely” together.