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What to get for Dad? Here’s Our Father’s Day Gift Guide!

The two hardest holidays for me to shop for are my Dad’s birthday and Father’s day.

This isn’t because I don’t know my dad or don’t get along with him (I actually love and enjoy my dad very much!) but shopping for a dad is so difficult to me!

Sometimes it can be difficult because dads don’t show as much joy or excitement over a gift as your mom, sister, or best friend would, but I’m telling you, dad’s cherish the gifts we give them! When I was very young I drew a picture for my dad (well, it was actually a tracing of my hands) for Christmas. I remember giving it to him early because I was too excited about it and couldn’t wait for him to have it. That picture (probably 20 years later) is framed and still hanging in my parent’s house. Dads cherish the things their children give them.

So even though it’s difficult for me, I was determined to not let you lovelies down, and scoured the internet searching for fun and unique items (and twists on the typical) that our Father’s will love and cherish this year and put together a father’s day gift guide.

1. Do something!

I don’t know about your dad, but my dad LOVES working in our yard. One year he had just built a new fence and wanted to paint it. I told him that I would help him paint the fence (and I actually went through with it) and I think it was the best gift I ever gave him!

If you do something like this just make sure you wear good shoes and are fearless – I had to back out of the project when we were ¾ of the way done because a snake slithered over my foot. At least we were almost done so my dad wasn’t left with much to do on his own!

2. Office Decor

If your dad has an office or even just a space he calls his own, have a nice picture of the two of you framed so he can hang it up or put it on his desk. Lots of dads won’t go through the effort of actually getting the photo printed and framed, even if they want one. So help your dad out this Father’s Day and do the work for him.

3. Dollar Shave Club

Do you know what nearly every dad does multiple times a week? They shave!

The “Dollar Shave Club” is a fun program you could sign your dad up for that will send him a new high-quality razor in the mail each month. The gift that keeps on giving! If nothing else, go to their website and watch the hilarious intro video!

Click Here to check it out!


4. Tickets to The Game

Even if it’s not “THE Game”, treat your dad (and you!) to a game and enjoy some father-child bonding time over your dad’s favorite sporting event. Even if it’s not the World Series, your dad will enjoy the quality time spent with you in one of his favorite environments!

5. Food

They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach – so why don’t you make your dad his favorite appetizer, meal and dessert this year? The gift may be gone in a few tasty minutes, but your dad won’t forget the time and effort you spend making him his favorite food.

Which one of these ideas suits your dad the best? Let us know on social media by using #LovelyFathersDay