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What’s Your Name?

What’s your name?

I know.  Sounds like a simple question. But what is it? More importantly, what does it mean?

My name is Rachel. It means gentle lamb.

Yes, I know. Probably makes a lot of sense if you know me.

So then, when someone asked me what I wanted my name to be at the beginning of 2016, why didn’t I say gentle lamb? Because they didn’t want the name given to me at birth.  They were asking for the characteristic I needed to bring with me into the New Year.

What was my name?

After much debate, I said Warrior.


That was the point where I realized that I had been fighting for months. You see, this came in the midst of being told for three months that I had to refrain from all physical activity. In summary, it was a time where I needed to fight. I fought the inflammation in my knee. I fought the auto-immune markers in my blood. And I had to fight the emotional attacks that came throughout it all.

Yes, this was my name. Because those attacks came with the overwhelming feeling of giving up. Being tired. As far as I could tell, I was walking into the New Year with a slightly healed, but not completely, knee. I needed strength to do this in 2016.

And I found it. In the times I couldn’t, there were Lovely friends and family to help me find it once again.

So the name was born. Not just randomly picked. It meant something. It was special.

Guess what! We are only two months into a whole new year once again. A year to start fresh.  And so now you need to decide: What’s your name?

No one can pick it for you. It is wholly and uniquely yours. It can be born from a mission, a struggle, a story, a word. A name needs meaning. What do you need to embrace? Let go of?

So I have a simple question for you:

What’s your name?