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When a Co-Worker Makes You Their Target



The dreaded confrontation. Ekkk. That word! Have you ever had someone not like you right off the bat?

You haven’t even met them, but they’ve already decided to make you their target? 

If you’re saying yes… well, you’re not alone.  I started my dream career at age 22, which is awesome, but not always glamorous. When I first started, I felt like I was constantly challenged by the more “seasoned” in life – and it wasn’t always the good challenge. It was the kind of challenge that makes you wish you were a superhero and could suddenly disappear. (Aka: The Flash)

One of my new co-workers did not like me. She was passive-aggressive, lied about me, gossiped about me and made me feel under qualified for my job. If I would smile at her she would roll her eyes. The whole time this was going on I was unaware of the severity of the situation. The severity of the lies/gossip she was telling others. It got so bad the head of the company had to intervene. They had meetings to discuss my character with my boss.

Talk about awkward. 

Thankfully, I have a boss who stood up for me! A woman who stood up for another woman! My boss knew my character and defended me. She saw that regardless of how people treated me, I still chose respect. I still chose to love.

Did I want to be rude back to my co-worker? Yes! Did I cry sometimes during lunch? Yes! Did I let her rule my life? No. 

I can’t fully describe what it meant to me to have someone stand up for me in a time where I felt defenseless. I will remember that forever and I will be forever grateful for that moment.
This is what TLP is all about. Standing up for women when we sometimes feel defenseless. 

Who can you stand up for today? Who has stood up for you? Let’s thank them. 

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