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When Good Dates Go Bad… real- life dating horror stories- submitted by YOU

It’s hard enough to watch them happen to other people- has it ever happened to YOU? Some very brave Lovelies have shared their real life When Good Dates Go Bad moments for us all. If anything, after reading these, you’ll know you are not the only one that has wished for a do-over at the end of the night…

We’ve all seen them in movies, and in TV shows. Those uncomfortable, make- you- sweat moments that people have on dates. Picture Ben Stiller sweating out the Indian food with Jennifer Aniston in Along Came Polly. Or Will Smith blowing up like a balloon after eating shellfish, requiring he down an entire bottle of Benadryl in Hitch. And the classic toilet scene in Dumb and Dumber where, during his date with the beautiful girl of his dreams, Jeff Daniel’s laxative takes full effect… Painfully hilarious.

Here are some real-life, painfully hilarious, “truth is stranger than fiction” moments from some of our own regular Lovely contributors!

Crazy for You?

On a first date with a guy in high school, it was the typical Q&A trying to get to know each others likes and dislikes. He asked me what kind of music I liked… so I decided to play for him, my current fave song. I’ll cut to the chase and just quote part of the lyrics, “Maybe tomorrow you’ll be mine… No one else to hold on to, until I’m holding you.” Did I say that this was our first date? It was our last date too. #toomuch #toosoon 

3 Alarm Fire Fart…

About 3 months into dating the love of my life the most embarrassing thing happened. We had just gotten into the car after leaving a friend’s house. He started this really deep conversation about his family but, I don’t remember anything he said because all I could think about was how upset and gassy my insides felt! I was trying so hard so keep it all in but one must have escaped…. a few seconds later my boyfriend stops mid sentence and looks at me, “Did you fart?!”
It smelled absolutely terrible so I flung the door open while I screamed, “No!”.
For some reason this set the car alarm off and we were both frantically looking for the keys to turn it off all while he couldn’t breathe and I was half mortified, half cracking up! 

All is FAIR in Love and (*Blech…)

Went to a county fair with my “new boyfriend” at the time. We rode that big swinging ship ride and then the one that spins real fast so that you float up (seats slide up along inside). I was SO nauseous, but trying not to let him know. When we got off the second ride, we were walking and talking, and all of a sudden I just threw up! luckily we were right next to a huge (gross) trash can so at least I did it in there, and not on his feet! 

Stole the Show…

On a date to a really funny movie, I “larted”. I laughed so hard I farted. Needless to say, the laughing had stopped for an agonizing 2 seconds. And everyone in the theater heard- Then we all had a new reason to laugh! 

Row Row Row Your Boat…

I was in college and became fairly good friends with a guy there. We had hung out a few times – nothing that was ever classified as a date. We had been getting to know each other for a few weeks when he asked me to hang out with him on a Saturday. He drove me to a lake and rented a canoe. He had brought fishing gear, because he knew I like fishing, as well as several other snacks I had said were my favorites. When we were in the middle of the lake he proceeded to tell me how he talked to his dad and told him that he had found the girl he wanted to marry and that his dad had given his blessing to marry her. Meanwhile, I’m chomping down on some of my “favorite things” not realizing he is talking about me until I hear him ask, “So, what do you think? Do you feel the same way about me?” I had to say that I wasn’t ready for that, and sit in silence as he rowed me back to shore. He never spoke to me again. 

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I went on a nice date and at the end of the date he asked to come inside and use my restroom. When he came out he asked my roommate and I if we could hear him peeing in the other room. EW! 

Love is Blind (and apparently a horrible driver…)

It was a blind date and the guy wanted to meet at the Audi dealership bc his dad owned it. So we “rented” an Audi to drive down the street to Panera… That is, of course, not after hopping and grinding the bottom of the Audi against a parking bump, and rear ending the car in front of us at a red light, all the while telling me I was a cool chick. I didn’t even want to finish my broccoli cheddar soup- which is a huge deal- i just wanted to wake up from the nightmare.

Falling for you…

I was 15, I went to a roller skating rink with this guy. I am absolutely horrible with anything involving wheels on my feet. I told the guy this, but he was sweet and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.” How sweet, right? Well we get there and I keep falling… And falling… and falling some more.  You could tell it was frustrating him (and embarrassing me) so he said “let’s stop and get a drink.” A few minutes later he said he had to go to the bathroom. He left for the bathroom… and never came back.

Yep, I got ditched on my first date ever. This was before everyone had cell phones, so I had to use the office phone of the roller rink to call my mom to come pick me up. Sobbing…


I was on a date on the way to the movies and we were chatting back and forth when he tilts his head sideways and pretend snores. zzzzzz… “wakes up” and says… “where were we going again?” I said, “Ummm, to the movies?”  He says, “Oh yeah, that’s right… everytime you talk, I take a nap- I’ve had 2 so far…”  It got worse from there…

Tell me how you really feel…

I used to date the son of a famous actor when I lived in LA. I also used to be on a list to preview movies in the theater before they came out to the public. In conversation on one of my  dates with this guy, I was trying to impress him with the fact that I had just seen this particular movie the night before. He asked me if I had liked it. I said “NO, it was horrible…”  He asked me “Why?” and I proceeded to tell him why for the next 15 minutes. He didn’t have a whole lot to say after I bashed this movie. And then it hit me, why. His dad was in this movie!!!  My heart sank- but it was too late to recover. I had already dug my hole and there was no getting out of it. Needless to say, that was the beginning of the end for us.

Catching Air:


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